Wednesday, August 18, 2010 anyone or how about food!

I LOVE Target but have to say I am very upset with them right now. Three weeks ago I ordered two pairs of shoes from them online for my nine year old son. They are a certain hard to find brand made by a professional skate boarder and I ordered 2 pairs in a size 3. Well I get the first 2 pairs by UPS and they are the wrong size- they sent both of them in size 1 but the receipt in the package shoes size 3. I then call them and they apologize for the mix up and UPS 2 day service me out another 2 pairs of shoes which I got yesterday. LOW AND BEHOLD they did it AGAIN???!!!!!!!  They sent me 2 pairs of size 1 with the receipt once again showing a size 3. This time I call and asl for a manager- here we are 5 days before school starts and I have 2 more pairs of shoes with the wrong size. The manager checks his system and finds that the shoes in size 3 for both is OUT OF STOCK so he then goes on to say that they must of just sent the size 1 in place of them. WELL hello they are 2 sizes too small and do not fit my son- on the receipt it shows my name, phone number, and email address so WHY couldn't they have called me to let me know it was now out of stock instead of sending me shoes 2 sizes too small twice! Anyways they just gave me a refund of the shoes and now I have to go shopping again to find shoes for my sonfor school... VERY BAD SERVICE!


On a better note- I am still working on my cook book and made some crab legs with grilled steak and cucumber and tomato salsa and it was very yummy! Here are some meals that will be in my cook book


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