Thursday, August 5, 2010

Shopping anyone?

The count down begins just 17 days until the kids go back to school. Summer has been HOT, fun and nice but WAY TOO FAST! The stores are having good sales and time to hit them up for some good deals. Going to check out the malls and outlets. Imagine buying shoes for 3 kids- that is a house payment right there! We pretty much have the school supplies out of the way just need to take Sierra to get 3 immunizations and Patrick to get 2- OUCH!

I am going to work on my cook book and do some more baking this weekend. I am determined to try at least 2 new dishes and desserts each week.


  1. A cook book...? Wow... :-)))
    I'm not a good cook but I try...the only thing I can do very, very good is all kind of sushi. Because my best friend, who lives in South Korea now, teached me many I'm really good at it. A friend of mine said that my sushi is even better than the sushi in Bremen's best japanese restaurant.

  2. I completely WANT to go shopping!!

    Have a fantastic weekend :)