Monday, August 2, 2010

A cook book or art anyone?

Well as I have said before I am making a family cook book to share my multicultural family recipes. I am excited to get it going and look forward to giving it away as Christmas gifts. Here is what the cover will look like

We cook many different types of  food from all backgrounds and enjoy
sitting at the table talking to each other while we enjoy a good meal.


Here are some more art projects I made around the house, this room is my 2nd living room and dining room- we use it as a lounge area

I made the black piece with the mirrors on it

I painted the red canvas art piece and made the red pendant lights

I painted the 2 art pieces in this picture


I came across a new room air spray by glade that is limitied edition for fall called "Cashmere Woods", and it smells so good and is so addicting. It is very sweet, calming and vibrant has anyone else tried it yet?
Have a great Monday!!!

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  1. You are so talented!! And I adore the cookbook idea :)