Friday, July 8, 2011

104 degree temps today? Indoor Photography and cooking sounds like a plan!

The heat sure is too much to be outdoors. Good thing we have a pool in the back for times like this. No photo shoots scheduled for today so this means I have time to catch up on baking and trying out some recipes. I managed to have some fresh pumpkin puree and want to make something wonderful with it. Here are a few meals I have cooked recently

shrimp and steak with salad

chicken lasagna rolls with garlic chese bread

grilled salmon with shrimp and fresh green beans

grilled chicken breast with pineapple salsa and asparagus

beef stir fry with rice

chocolate brownie with ice cream and coffee cookie

chocolate covered marshmallows

chocolate covered strawberries

beef quesadilla with salsa and guacamole

bananas foster with ice cream and brown sugar and rum sauce

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